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Card Makers

handmade cards for every occasion

Card Makers - handmade cards for every occasion
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This is a community for anyone who handmakes greeting cards. We can share ideas and show off our work. Cards for any and all occasions are appreciated.

Card making is a form of paper crafting and a crossover interest for people interested in other types of paper crafting such as scrapbooking and rubber stamping so there may occasionally be some cross chatter. That is fine, but try to limit these posts to cards. If you are especially interested in other crafts such as scrapbooking, there are some wonderful communities devoted to those topics. There were no cardmaking dedicated communities when this one was created.

All members are allowed to and even encouraged to promote (aka "pimp") this community in appropriate forums.

General rules about politeness, constructive critism, etc. all apply. Use lj-cuts whenever appropriate. (For instructions on how to do a cut, go here.) Basic rule: Use common sense.

This community is created by/moderated/maintained by betheliz.